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Semi Automatic Blowing Machine
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TN16-4 Fitted with a far-infrared heater

1. Use a double crank armfor mould locking,a high mould-locking strength and a flexible action. 
2. Use PLC for control(time relay control optional),easy maintenance,low cost,with time controllable accurately in 0.01s. 
3. The air circuit is designed to have motion and blowing 2 portions, to satisfy the demand of different motion and blowing air pressures. 
4. The far-infrared heater adopts a way of frequency conversion rotaion heating and rail revolution makes the heating uniform,fast and reliable. 
5. An independent temperature controller is set with the heating lamps in different sections to ensure ideal heating effect for preforms. 
6. The directions of the heating lamps are adjustable upon different bottle preforms. 
7. Adopts a honeycomb insert type oven,small size,simple structure,nice looking,low power consumption and easy maintenance and operation. 
8. Only need one operator, don’t need special training. 
9. Simple installing and starting.
TN series two-step semi-auto bottle blower is applicable for blowing the carbonic acid beverage bottle, mineral spring water bottle, farm chemical bottle, cosmetic bottle, oil bottle, heat resistant bottles, medical bottle in any shapes and made of PET,PC,PP or PE etc. raw materials.
Item TN16-4
Volume of Product 0.1-1.5L
Theoretical Output 1500-2500Pcs/h
Whole machine power 15KW
Actual power consumption 5-10KW
Working air-pressure/flow 08-1.25Mpa   0.8-1.2M3/min
Blowing air-pressure/flow 2.0-3.0Mpa   1.0-1.5M3/min
Mould Stroke 235mm
Mould thickness and width 120-180/320mm
Stretching Stroke 270mm
Weight of Main Blower 1100KG
Measurement of Main Blower 1.76×0.8×1.5M
The above technical parameters are updated continually,subject to the real products. Machines can be customized for special products.